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KMP Adult TennisOur intermediate sessions are designed to develop those players who have a firm grounding in the basic strokes outlined in our progressive beginners program.

The intermediate group allows all of our players to confidently develop their skills in a friendly, fun and safe environment.  Sessions offer a mix of group and one-to-one instruction which allows our coaches to help each player, correcting and adjusting technique where necessary.

If you come to one of our Intermediate coaching sessions we will be working on:

•  Reinforcing the correct technique for all strokes Forehand/Backhand, Volleys, Serves.

•  Doubles and singles tactics: here we help players develop a more advanced sense of court awareness and an understanding of  where they should be positioned at any given time on the court.

•  Improving consistency of all shots through progressive drills and on-court games.

•  Footwork:  progressive drills and on-court exercises are used to improve players overall mobility, speed, agility, efficiency of movement when traversing the court.

•  Video Analysis: Certain sessions offer video analysis which is becoming ever more popular as it visually reinforces key elements of a players game that need attention.

Intermediate Programme