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KMP Adult TennisOur progressive beginners programme is a great start for anyone getting into the game for the first time, or who has had a break from tennis for long period and needs a 'technique refresher' before playing at a higher level.

The beginners group allows all of our players to confidently develop their skills in a friendly, fun and safe environment.  Sessions offer a mix of group and one-to-one instruction which allows our coaches to help each player, correcting and adjusting technique where necessary. At this level players can expect to develop key skills and shots:

•  Basic understanding of positioning to the ball allowing players to confidently and consistently strike the ball while minimising errors and chances of injury.

•  The correct technique of the forehand and backhands/groundstrokes.

•  The correct technique for forehand and backhand volleys.

•  Serve techniques encompassing ball toss, body position and contact point.  As this stroke is developed, our coaches introduce slice into the enhance serve consistency.

•  Overall balance and body control techniques.

•  Developing rallying skills through progressive drill techniques.

•  Introducing competitive playing.

Beginners Programme