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KMP Adult TennisOur advanced sessions are designed to further develop players who have mastered the strokes and all-court techniques in our intermediate programme.

The advanced group allows all of our players to confidently develop their skills in a friendly, fun and safe environment.  Sessions offer a mix of group and one-to-one instruction which allows our coaches to help each player, correcting and adjusting technique where necessary.

If you come to one of our advanced sessions we will be working on:

•  Advanced techniques for all basic strokes including forehand,/backhand groundstrokes, volleys and serves.

•  At this level with introduce speciality shots which include:  slice/topspin serve, topspin lob and drop shots.

•  Following on from the double and singles tactics at intermediate level we further develop our players all-court awareness, decision making and shot selection.

•  Advanced footwork: progressive drills and on-court exercises are used to improve players overall mobility, speed, agility, efficiency of movement when traversing the court.

•  Play patterns: here we introduce play patterns that the top professionals use and how to implement them effectively.

•  Fitness and extended drills:  here we introduce drill techniques that are widely used by the professionals to hone their skills.  Spanish drills are used extensively at this level and are a perfect exercise for those wanting to train like Nadal.

•  Video Analysis: Certain sessions offer video analysis which is becoming every more popular as it visually reinforces key elements of a players game that need attention.

Advanced Programme